Request for Trauma-Related Scenarios

Trauma is a reality in our lives. It is an issue that affects our ability to successfully educate and connect with our students. The impact of trauma on development and students’ capacity to learn requires that we come together to identify positive strategies to support our kids, families, and others.

Kristin Souers and Pete Hall, co-authors of “Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom,” are looking for scenarios to include in their companion follow-up book (due to print in 2017).

The scenarios are meant to provide a context for strategies that teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and other educators/caregivers can use when supporting the healthy development of children impacted by trauma.  They are seeking real-life scenarios to help them frame the dozens of strategies they’ve compiled and used over the past two decades…all the while providing you, the educators, teachers, parents, and caregivers, options for working to support the healthy development of our young people.

Remember: Trauma is a word, not a sentence.

If you have a scenario related to childhood trauma (a student in your class has experienced abuse, your child witnessed a murder, a student lost a parent, etc.) and you’d like to share it – so that other educators worldwide can benefit from learning strategies we can use immediately – please type an overview in a Word document (or directly in an email) and email it to Kristin at or Pete at

Note: Please try to avoid using actual names of people, schools, or cities. Anonymity is important in this context. In the event that your scenario uses actual names and they choose to use the scenario in their book, they will alter those details to protect anonymity.